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Theory, culture, identity

Wayne H. Brekhus

Wayne H. Brekhus

Culture and Cognition: Patterns in the Social Construction of Reality

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Rutgers University

Research Interests

My research interests include culture and identity, theory, sexuality, social control, qualitative methods and cognitive sociology. My research program focuses on social identity and social control with a specific interest in the ways individuals negotiate marked and unmarked identity attributions, move between and shift identities across time and space, and assert and challenge claims to identity authenticity. In my first book, I developed a general theory on the grammar and micro-ecology of social identity from a qualitative case study of gay suburbanites. Analyzing data from intensive interviews with gay suburban men, I developed three ideal-typical "identity management profiles”: 1) identity lifestylers, 2) identity commuters, and 3) identity integrators.  Lifestylers treat their "gayness" as a noun, foregrounding it as their core ingredient of self at all times and in all places and immersing themselves in identity-specific enclaves and social networks. Commuters treat their "gayness" as a verb, foregrounding their "gay self" in a few places, times, and social networks, but submerging it and foregrounding "other selves" at other times and in other places and networks. Integrators treat their "gayness" as an adjective, presenting it as only one small part of their whole and integrating it into their overall identity and their social networks at all times. I use empirical examples approximating each of these heuristic types to explore the competing values of identity authenticity, identity mobility, and identity multidimensionality that these respective "identity grammars" battle over. In doing so, I focus on the ways in which individuals weight their competing cultural resources of stigma and privilege to actively shape, manage, and transform their social identities across time and space. I continue to be interested in these broad issues of identity authenticity, mobility, and multidimensionality and in the ways individuals creatively negotiate stigma and privilege. I have published a variety of articles on identity, the marked and the unmarked, and cognitive sociology. I am currently working on a book project on the sociology of culture and cognition.


Recent Publications

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