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Amit Prasad received his Ph.D. from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2004. Before he joined this department he worked as a postdoctoral fellow at University of Wisconsin-Madison and on a National Science Foundation project at University of New Mexico-Albuquerque. His research focuses on transnational, global, and postcolonial transformations. His areas of specialization are sociology of science, technology, and medicine, globalization and transnational studies, and social theory.

Amit Prasad

Amit Prasad

Associate Professor

332 Middlebush Hall
(573) 882-8218

Ph.D., Illinois

Research Interests

I am pursuing three lines of research.

(i) That the international geography of science and technology has changed dramatically in recent times is hardly disputable. Nevertheless, even while transnational ‘flattening’ of technoscience is being celebrated, colonial and Euro/West-centric imaginaries and practices have not disappeared. I am engaged in investigation of technoscientific and biopolitical implications of such folding of apparently contradictory and ambivalent imaginaries and practices. I utilize deconstructive-empirical method to unravel and critically analyze hierarchically entangled transnational histories of cutting-edge technologies such as MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

(ii) Medical imaging technologies such as MRI and PET have radically transformed the medical gaze. The impact of these technologies on visuality, however, extends far wider than the confines of the clinic. Technologies such as MRI and PET are not only being used for ‘objective self-fashioning,’ but also to fashion the ‘objective.’ An important concern for me is exploration of the role of these ever-transforming technologies of visualization in constituting ‘facts’ about the body and in defining/imagining individual and social selves.

(iii) Stem cell research and therapy, in particular those pertaining to embryonic stem cells, were born, and continue to operate, within a complex web of actual and speculative medical, ethical, and business interests. For the last two years I am conducting an ethnographic study of an embryonic stem cell therapy clinic in Delhi, India. I explore patients’ journeys for therapy in this clinic through a variety of sources – interviews, observations, blogs, videos, forums, etc. In particular, I analyze how patients navigate politico-economic, cultural, ethical, and biomedical concerns and in the process disturb accepted ‘regimes of truth’.


Select Publications


Imperial Technoscience: Transnational Histories of MRI in the United States, Britain, and India (2014, MIT Press).
New Books in Sociology: Interview with Amit Prasad [ 37:23 ]


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