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Zach Rubin

Research Interests:

Social Movements, Political Sociology, Environmental Sociology

Dissertation Title:

“Lifestyle, Cultural, and Social Movements in the “Node” at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage


Dr. Victoria Johnson (Chair), Department of Sociology; Dr. Wayne Brekhus, Department of Sociology; Dr. Rebecca Scott, Department of Sociology; Dr. Mary Grigsby, Department of Rural Sociology.


Zach Rubin is a student of the world and the people who inhabit it, which has led him to pursue a PhD candidacy in sociology from the University of Missouri.  Within the discipline, his interests and specialties include social movements, political sociology, deviance, and environmental sociology.  He also has an MA in Geography and an Online Educator Certificate from the same institution.

Zach has a long and varied record of teaching across disciplines and institutions.  This includes courses in sociology, geography, rural sociology, and peace studies; taught at a large research institution, a private non-profit professional college, and a community college.  He has taught extensively both on-ground and online over the course of a decade, in the traditional 16 week format, 4-, 6-, 8-, and 12-week formats; and self-paced.

His dissertation is an ethnographic study of an intentional community called Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, and the activist tendencies of its members.  This has led him to develop the concept of the social movement “node,” where certain hallmarks of cultural movements, lifestyle movements, and social movements meet to bear a unique form of activism that interlinks cultural and political claims through a shared lifestyle.