Donald O. Granberg

Donald O. Granberg
Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

Research and Teaching: 

My research interests focus on social psychological aspects of decision-making in different contexts. These include strategies for inducing cooperation in the prisoners' dilemma, two-stage decision making in The Monty Hall Dilemma, and testing directional and proximity theories of attraction. I also have a continuing interest in political perception, wishful thinking, and more generally in the social psychology of voting behavior. The abortion controversy, and the associated "pro-choice" movement and "pro-life" counter movement have also been analyzed extensively in my research. Involvement in this research had led to methodological analyses pertaining to issues of the validity and reliability of survey research.


  • Public Opinion
  • Social Interaction Research
  • Social Psychology
  • Social Statistics
Select Publications: 

Granberg, Donald and Nacy Dorr, "Further Exploration of Two- Stage Decision Making in the Monty Hall Dilemma," American Journal of Psychology, 1998, 111, 561-579.