Joan Hermsen

Joan Hermsen
Associate Professor of Sociology and Chair of Department of Women’s & Gender Studies
325 Strickland Hall
(573) 884-1420
PDF Documents: 

University of Maryland, 1997

Areas of Study: 

Social Inequalities

Research and Teaching: 

Social inequalities, research methods, gender, work & occupations, applied sociology, family


Dr. Hermsen teaches courses on social inequalities and research methods at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Her prior research focused on gender inequality in U.S. labor markets and attitudes about gender inequality. She is currently working on a mixed methods project on social consequences of late motherhood. In addition, Dr. Hermsen has done extensive applied survey research design and analysis work on a range of topics including food insecurity (US Dept of Agriculture), crime victimization (MO State Highway Patrol), conservation attitudes (MO Dept of Conservation), and the financial wellbeing of pastors (MO United Methodist Foundation).

Awards and Honors: 

Stakeholder Lifetime Achievement Award (for contributions to MU Residential Life), 2015

Project United Faculty Achievement Award (for contributions to diversity education), 2012

Gold Chalk Award (for significant contributions to graduate education), 2007

Chancellor’s Excellence Award: Lifetime Achievement Advising Award, 2007

William T. Kemper Fellow for Excellence in Teaching, 2006

Excellence in Education Award (for contributions to extracurricular student engagement), 2006

Marj Leveane Outstanding Learning Community Partner Award, 2005

Select Publications: 

Kaiser, M. and J. M. Hermsen. 2015. “Food Acquisition Strategies, Food Security, and Health Status Among Families With Children Using Food Pantries.” Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services 96(2): 83-90.

Cotter, D.A., Hermsen, J.M., and R. Vanneman. July 30, 2014. “Brief: Back on Track? The Stall and Rebound in Support for Women’s New Roles in Work and Politics, 1977-2012.” Briefing Paper Prepared for the Council on Contemporary Families.

Cotter, D.A., Hermsen, J.M. and R.Vanneman. 2011.  “The End of the Gender Revolution: Gender Role Attitudes from 1977-2008.” American Journal of Sociology 117(1): 259-289.

Evertsson, M., England, P., de Bruijn, J., Hermsen, J., Mooi-Reci, I., and D. Cotter. 2009. “Is Gender Inequality Greater at Lower or Higher Educational Levels? Common Patterns in the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United States.” Social Politics 16(2): 210-241.

Cotter, D.A., Hermsen, J.M. and R. Vanneman. 2004. Gender Inequality at Work. NY: Russell Sage Foundation.

Cotter, D.A., DeFiore, J., Hermsen, J., Kowalewski, B.M. and R. Vanneman. 1998. “The Demand for Female Labor.” American Journal of Sociology 103(6): 1673-1712.

Cotter, D.A., DeFiore, J., Hermsen, J., Kowalewski, B.M. and R. Vanneman. 1997. “All Women Benefit: The Macro Effect of Occupational Integration on Gender Earnings Equality.” American Sociological Review 62(5): 714-734.