Nathan Katz

Nathan Katz
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Areas of Study: 

Political Sociology, Mass Media, Theory, Human-Animal Studies, Comparative-Historical Methods

Research and Teaching: 

Introduction to Sociology

Social Problems

Cultural Diversity in America 


I received my BA in sociology from DePaul University and my MA in sociology from Northern Illinois University. The main focus of my research is on the relationship between campaign finance and political advertising, and the implications it holds for democracy. My master’s thesis “Impression Management, Super PACs, and the 2012 Republican Primary” analyzed the differences in the messages found in the political advertisements produced by Republican candidates and the Super PACs supporting them. I have also done research in the area of human-animal studies, focusing on special needs pet adoption.

Awards and Honors: 

2015 Frances Rowe Katz Award for Graduate Research-Northern Illinois University

2015 Sociology Department Award for Student Engagement-Northern Illinois University

Select Publications: 


Katz, Nathan. 2016. “Impression Management, Super PACs, and the 2012 Republican Primary.” Symbolic Interaction 39(2):175-95.

Katz, Nathan and Keri Burchfield. Forthcoming. “Special Needs Animals and Those Who Care For Them.” Society and Animals.

Presentations (*Accepted, Not yet Presented)

*Katz, Nathan. 2018. “Turning Money Into Speech: Campaign Financing and Political Ads in the 1970s.” To be presented at the 81st Annual Midwest Sociological Society Conference:  Sociology and the Public’s Health.

Katz, Nathan. 2017. "Meta-Power, Super PACs and the Use of Political Advertising.” Roundtable presented at the 112th Annual American Sociological Association Conference:  Culture, Inequalities, and Social Inclusion Across the Globe.

Katz, Nathan. 2017. “”Anything Newt Can Do, We Can Do Better!” Democratic Identity, Self-Verification, and Who Leaves the Party.” Round table presented at the 80th Annual Midwest Sociological Society Conference: Globalization: Promises, Possibilities, and Pitfalls.

Katz, Nathan. 2015. “Impression Management, Super PACs, and the 2012 Republican Primary.” Poster presented at the 78th Annual Midwest Sociological Society Conference:  Sociology and the Publics.