Graduate Courses

7004 - Topics in Sociology-Social Science

Organized study of selected topics. Subjects and earnable credit may vary from semester to semester. May be repeated with departmental consent. Prerequisites: junior standing and instructor's consent

7085 - Problems in Sociology

Directed research not leading to thesis or dissertation. Prerequisites: 12 hours Sociology & departmental consent.

7100 - Expert Systems

Introduction to the use of expert system shells, designed for graduate students from any department. Students create prototype expert systems under close supervision by faculty experts. Prerequisite: graduate standing and departmental consent

7110 - Feminist Research and Criticism

(same as Women's and Gender Studies 7110) Examination of both feminist critiques of traditional social research and recent, feminist-oriented research that attempts to answer these criticisms. Prerequisites: graduate standing and SOCIOL 2950 or equivalent

7120 - Social Statistics

(same as Rural Sociology 7120) Descriptive statistics and divariate quantitative analysis techniques commonly used by social scientists. Includes coverage of parametric and non-parametric methods. Introduction to computer analysis. Prerequisite: SOCIOL 2950 and graduate standing

7200 - Social Inequalities

Examination of theories and research concerned with inequalities based on social class, gender, and race-ethnicity. MA course for Sociology students. Prerequisite: graduate standing or instructor's consent

7210 - Sociology of Aging

Sociological research and theories of aging and old age; historical, demographic, comparative, social psychological and structural topics are studied in depth. Prerequisites: 6 hours of Sociology and graduate standing

7220 - Race and Ethnic Relations

The experience of racial and ethnic minorities; inequality, assimilation, ethnic and racial conflict, accommodation. Prerequisites: SOCIOL 1000 or equivalent and graduate standing

7230 - Women, Development, and Globalization

(same as Women's and Gender Studies 7230) Examines the history and structure of "development" discourse and practices. Stresses the interconnections and impact on women globally. Reviews women's strategies in defining and instituting programs to improve quality of life in communities. Prerequisites: SOCIOL 2200, WGST 1332, BL STU 1332, or WGST 4420/7420

7287 - Seminar in Comparative Social Institutions

Analysis of selected social institutions such as agriculture, family, economy, education, health care, law, polity, religion. Inter-institutional and international comparisons. Prerequisites: SOCIOL 4700 or instructor's consent

7300 - Death and Dying

Death and dying explored from demographic, sociological and social psychological perspectives. Topics: trends and differentials; definitions of death; dying as a social process; funerals and survivors; cultural solutions to problems of death. Prerequisite: graduate standing and instructor's consent

7310 - Advanced Social Psychology

Major theoretical fields and their application to human problems. Prerequisite: SOCIOL 3310 or graduate standing

7315 - Social Demography

(same as Rural Sociology 7315) General demographic theories; age, sex, and ethnic composition of population; fertility, mortality and migration as components of population change; social, economic and political implications of demographic trends. Prerequisites: SOCIOL 1000 or RU SOC 1000 and graduate standing

7320 - Culture, Identity, and Interaction

Examines the interplay between culture, identity, and interaction as these intersect with issues of social inequality, social control, social change ,and the everyday production of subjective's. Prerequisite: SOCIOL 3310 graduate standing or instructor's consent

7335 - Social Change and Trends

(same as Rural Sociology 7335) Nature of social change. Emphasis on sociological theories and models of social change and their application in analysis and implementation of change in social structures. Prerequisite: graduate standing

7340 - Self, Language, and Social Life

Examines the interplay between self, language, and social life. Particular attention is paid to how the everyday construction of inner lives relates to diverse social worlds. The effects of situational and institutional conditions as they shape identity and social interactions are important considerations. Prerequisite: graduate standing

7370 - Environment and Society

(same as Rural Sociology 7370) An interdisciplinary examination of domestic and international environmental issues focusing on social, cultural, and policy dimensions. Perspectives of the social sciences and humanities are included. Prerequisites: junior, senior or graduate standing

7387 - Seminar in Sociology of Work

Recent developments in the sociological study of occupations and professions. Surveys alternative theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches. Deals with rationalization, professionalization, alienation, class consciousness, self management.

7400 - Sociology of Health Systems

Analyzes organization of U.S. health system and systems in the developed and developing world. Special attention to reform movements, universality, effectiveness, quality, and efficiency. Prerequisite: SOCIOL 2950, 3440, and 3100 or graduate standing

7410 - Sociology of Education

Contexts, structures and processes of schooling; effects on class, race, ethnicity and gender; social change, educational policy, and organizational dynamics; higher education and the economy.

7446 - Community Social Structure

(same as Rural Sociology 7446) A comparative study of communities in different nations and in urban and rural areas. A primary focus of the course will be on social change in communities, in response to changing economic, political, social, cultural, and ecological factors.

7487 - Seminar in Sociology of Organizations

Recent developments in the sociological analysis of complex organizations, including corporations, public bureaucracies, educational organizations, religious organizations, etc. Surveys alternative theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches.

7500 - Sociology of Social Policy

(same as Rural Sociology 7500) Sociological theories and methodologies focused on social policy; policy as process; contextual and critical policy analyses; assessing policy effects and consequences. Prerequisite: graduate standing

7510 - Social Movements and Conflicts

Survey of approaches and research on social movements and social change. Historical and contemporary social movements in the US; collective protest and violence; political revolutions. Prerequisite: SOCIOL 3520, 3700, or 3320 or graduate standing

7520 - Political Sociology

(same as Peace Studies 7520) Social bases of power and politics, economic and political elites, the political economy of the advanced societies, sources of political conflict and change. Prerequisite: SOCIOL 3200, 3510, 3520, or 3700 or graduate standing

7530 - Social Organization of Industrial Societies

The organizational and inter organizational structure of modern capitalist and socialist societies, including examination of alternative models such as technocracy, bureaucratic society, state capitalism, state socialism, organized capitalism. Prerequisites: SOCIOL 3700 or 3710 or graduate standing

7587 - Seminar in Culture and Mass Media

Sociological examination of culture and mass media, including institutional character, production and distribution, audience effects, relation of social structures. Current research, theories, methods.

7610 - Society and Social Control

The concept of social control is analyzed from both micro and macro theoretical perspectives. Focus is on patterns of social domination. Prerequisite: SOCIOL 3700 or 3710 or graduate standing

7687 - Seminar in Family Sociology

Research and theory on family structure and family life; in-depth study of a selection of topics and issues. Prerequisites: SOCIOL 7210 or instructor's consent

7700 - Social Organization

Survey of approaches to the analysis of social organization emphasizing complex organizations, division of labor, social inequality, politics and the state, social change. Prerequisite: SOCIOL 3700 or 3710 or graduate standing or instructor's consent

8087 - Seminar on Race Relations

Critical examinations of social research methods and sociological theories applied to the study of race relations in the United States.

8100 - Theories of Society

Fundamental theoretical developments in modern sociology seen as an empirical discipline. Prerequisites: graduate standing or instructor's consent

8110 - Research in Sociology

Research not expected to terminate in thesis or dissertation. Prerequisite: instructor's consent

8120 - The Logic of Social Research

Meta-theoretical and conceptual issues at the core of design decision making, questionnaire construction, qualitative field techniques, interviewing, scaling, panel analysis, computer applications to qualitative data; experimental, survey and case study designs, ethics.

8130 - Advanced Social Statistics

(same as Rural Sociology 8130) Introduction to multivariate analysis for social scientists. Emphasis on non-experimental applications of analysis of variance and correlation-regression. Computer applications emphasized. Prerequisite: SOCIOL 7120 or equivalent

8187 - Seminar on Interview Theory and Technique

The seminar has three goals: First is the consideration of literature dealing with recent theoretical formulations of the interview. This will provide a basis, second, for critically examining a number of popular interview guidebooks. The third goal is to offer the opportunity to put theory and technique into practice by analyzing selected interview material. Prerequisite: doctoral standing

8277-Race, Ethnicity and Transnational Inequalities

Examines global dimensions of the racialized modern world system. The material considers various regions, including the Americas, in the creation of hegemonies, transnational activities, everyday practices, and the ongoing participation in the larger global forum. Prerequisite: Graduate Standing.

8287 - Seminar in Social and Economic Development

(same as Rural Sociology 8287) Analysis of world economy and societal development: assessment of contemporary and historical bases of international economic and political stratification.

8387 - Seminar on Narrative and Identity

Prerequisite: graduate standing required; instructor's consent required

8425 - Communication and the Diffusion of Information

(same as Rural Sociology 8425) Factors conditioning communication and diffusion of ideas and practices; exercise of personal influence; role of change agents and agencies in the process of change.

8687 - Seminar in Criminology and Deviant Behavior

Survey of empirical research and sociological theory in criminology and deviant behavior. May be repeated once with instructor's consent. Prerequisites: SOCIOL 3600 and graduate standing or instructor's consent

9090 - Research

Advanced work leading to thesis or dissertation. Prerequisite: consent of major advisor. Graded on a S/U basis only.

9187 - Seminar in Sociological Theory I

Traces development of sociological theory from the "generation of 1890" through the 1940s, including the work of Durkheim, Weber, Parsons and others. Prerequisite: SOCIOL 8100 or equivalent

9287 - Seminar in Qualitative Methods in Sociology

(same as Rural Sociology 9287) Examination of various qualitative methods of research, including problem-formulation, access and interpretation of data, theory-generation, and preparation of research reports. Prerequisites: SOCIOL 8120 or instructor's consent

9288 - Ethnographic Fieldwork (3)

History of sociological ethnography, the analysis of key ethnographic texts, forms of ethnographic fieldwork, and recent debates related to representational practices. Applications to participant observation, field interviewing, and strategies of discourse analysis in various social settings. Prerequisites: SOCIOL 9287, graduate standing; instructor’s consent.

9300 - Social Interaction Research

Seminar on research methods in social interaction. Prerequisites: PSYCH 8310 or instructor's consent

9350 - Graduate Seminar in Environmental Discourses

This seminar explores human cultural interactions with nature: how we understand ourselves in relation to space, how we interact with and learn about nature, and how we use nature. Readings will include exemplary texts from sociology, geography and anthropology, science studies and cultural studies. Graduate Standing required.

9487 - Seminar in Sociological Theory II

Theoretical developments in sociology in Europe and United States since 1950. Recent formulations, controversies. Prerequisite: SOCIOL 8100 or equivalent

9525 – Culture, Difference and Inequality

This course is an examination of exemplary, interdisciplinary texts employing a variety of cultural approaches to understanding difference and inequality. In this seminar, we will think about what is gained from various cultural approaches to difference and inequality, how such approaches can be achieved methodologically, and how students can apply such approaches to their own research. The main focus of the course is on cultural studies and poststructural feminist studies, but readings will also be included from intersectionality studies, affect studies, critical race studies, and cultural sociology.

9587 - Topical Seminar in Contemporary Sociological Theory

Critical evaluation of selected points of view in current sociological theory. May be repeated with departmental consent. Prerequisite: SOCIOL 8100 or equivalent

9687 - Topical Seminar in Historical Sociology

Methodological approaches to sociological explanation of historical phenomena; related sociological theories of historical development, including Weberian, Marxist and other perspectives applied to a topical historical problem. Prerequisite: SOCIOL 8100 or equivalent

9787 - Seminar in Sociological Theory Construction

Philosophy and structure of science, critical examination of selected methods, models and theories with special concern for theory construction. Prerequisite: SOCIOL 8100 or equivalent

9837 - Seminar in Multivariate Analysis Techniques

(same as Rural Sociology 9837) Examination of various qualitative techniques of data analysis. Prerequisites: SOCIOL 8120 or instructor's consent

9887 - Seminar in Sociology of Gender

Analysis of recent research in which gender is a major focus. This research is chosen to exemplify a variety of theoretical perspectives, research strategies, and substantive topics.

9920 - Independent Readings in Preparation for Comprehensive Examinations

Independent readings for Ph.D. comprehensives. Open only to Ph.D. candidates who have passed qualifying examinations. Prerequisite: consent of major advisor

9987 - Seminar in Sociological Reasoning and Research Development

Systematic development of sociological research integrating theory, method, and contributions to knowledge. Formulations of sociological problems, conceptual frameworks, research programs analytical strategies. Prerequisites: SOCIOL 8120 or equivalent, doctoral standing

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