Sociology Department Accomplishments May-Sept. 2019


Avery, Eileen. E., Baumer, Michele D., Hermsen, Joan. M., Leap, Braden, Lucht, Jill R., Rikoon, James S., & Wilhelm Stanis, Sonja. A. In press. "Measuring Place of Residence Across Urban and Rural Spaces: An Application to Fears Associated with Outdoor Recreation.” The Social Science Journal

Tim Haithcoat, Eileen E. Avery, Kelly Bowers, Richard D. Hammer, and Chi‐Ren Shyu. In press. “Income Inequality and Health: Expanding our Understanding of State Level Effects by using a Geospatial Big Data Approach” Social Science Computer Review

Brekhus, Wayne H. and Gabe Ignatow (eds). 2019. The Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Sociology. New York: Oxford University Press.

Conner, Christopher T. and Andrea Dassopolous (guest eds.) 2020. “Urban Subcultures: Deviant, Youth, Music, and Beyond.” Studies in Symbolic Interaction. (In Production)

Conner, Christopher T. and Daniel Okamura. forthcoming. “Differences in Placemaking Among Urban and Rural LGBT+ Americans.” In Resurgence and Renaissance: Future Prospects for Gayborhoods. Alex Bitterman and Daniel Baldwin Hess (eds.).

Melissa Horner. July 2019. "Resistance, Reception, Race, and Rurality: Teaching Non‐canonical Texts in a White, Conservative Montana Context." In Adventurous Thinking: Students’ Rights to Read and Write, edited by M.V. Blackburn. Urbana: National Council of Teachers of English. Carol Rambo, Brittany Presson, Gaines, and Barnes. June 2019.  Autoethnography as a methodology in researching social problems". Published in Researching Social Problems, edited by A Marvasti and AJ Treviño. Routledge.

Research Funding

Shyu, Chi‐Ren, Eileen Avery, Grant Scott, Lincoln Sheets, Henry X. Wan, Douglas Bowles, and Stephen S. Gao. Building Research Capacity for Geospatial‐ Enabled Data‐Driven Discoveries (GED3). Source: UM System Research and Creativity Works Strategic Investment Program, Tier 2 Award.

Joan Hermsen and Deanna Sharpe. The Financial Wellbeing of Pastors. Source: Missouri United Methodist Foundation.

Sandy Rikoon, Joan Hermsen, Bill McKelvey, and Fiorella Carlos Chavez. 2020 Missouri Food Pantry Client Survey. Source: Feeding Missouri.


Eileen Avery. Appointed Director of the MU Research Data Center.

Kristen Kalz. Elected Director of Professional Development, MU Graduate Professional Council.

Rebecca Scott. Appointed editor of the Journal of Appalachian Studies, starting in January 2020.

Doug Valentine. Serves on the Advisory Board for the MU Teaching and Learning Center.