“I have tried to take seriously the triple goals of doing good research, teaching well and being of helpful service to MU. I think I’ve compiled a solid record in all three areas.”

~ Professor Barbara Bank (1939-2015, joined MU in 1969), Communique 2004.

Academic Horror StoriesPublic Speaking Disaster

“I always hated public speaking. I just don’t like getting in front of crowds. One semester I was forced to enroll in Public Speaking. It was a general education requirement I could not get out of. Part of the class was actually giving a speech to class. When it was my day to do it I completely froze up. I was horrified, then I uncontrollably blurted “Shit!” I ran out of the room and never wanted to go back. My professor followed me into the hallway, gave me a pep talk and I got to try again. I did it, but it was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.”

~ Anonymous, Middlebush Times October 2013.