Melina Constantine Miseo
Graduate Student

M.A., 2017, University of Missouri

B.A., 2015, Western New England University

Areas of Study

Gender and Sexuality

Transgender Studies

Culture and Identity

Youth and Families

Research and Teaching

Courses taught:

Sociology of Gender

The Family

Introduction of Women’s and Gender Studies

Transgender Studies

LGBTQ Youth Studies


Awards and Honors:

2020                Catalyst Award Winner. LGBTQ Resource Center, University of Missouri

2019                Inclusive Excellence and Engagement Award. Office of Extension and Engagement, University of


2019                Mary Elizabeth Gutermuth Award for Community Engagement. Graduate School, University of


2015-2019       G. Ellsworth Huggins Fellowship. Graduate School, University of Missouri


Mel Constantine Miseo (they/them pronouns) is currently a PhD Candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Missouri. Their dissertation research focuses on relationships between parents and transgender youth. Mel is examining parental reactions and feelings when a child first comes out as trans and what these affective experiences tell us about gender systems within the family. Mel is also involved in community organizing surrounding support for LGBTQ youth in Mid-Missouri.

Select Publications

Conference Presentations:

  • 2020    “Examining the Role of Trans History and Colonization in Present-Day Understandings of Trans Youth”. Sociologists for Women in Society.
  • 2020    “Ungendering Allyship and Cisnormativity”. State of Inclusivity Conference hosted by the Inclusive Impact Institute.
  • 2020     Summit to Improve Transgender Collaborative Healthcare hosted by MU School of Medicine


  • 2018    “Death and Dying of the Imagined Cisgender Child: Parental Reactions to the Coming Out of Transgender and Non-Binary Youth”. Midwest Sociological Society Annual Meeting.
  • 1018     “Re-Conceptualizing Categories of Womanhood: A Trans* Rhizomatic Approach to the Centering of Black Transgender Women in Feminist Theory”. Women’s and Gender Studies Graduate Student                    Conference


  • 2017    “Parenting of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Youth: Stories of  Transition”. Midwest Sociological Society Annual Meeting.


  • 2016    “Cisgendering of the Social World; Symbolic Erasure of Transgender Lives and  Experiences”. Midwest Sociological Society Annual Meeting.
  • 2015    “’I’m Not Like Them”: Transgender Identity Construction and Stigma Management”. Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting.