The MU Department of Sociology doctoral program has been closed. We are not currently accepting applications and will not accept them in the future.

Our department can best be described as close knit, supportive, and collegial. Graduate cohorts are small and students flourish in a nurturing and intellectually engaging environment in which research, teaching, and critical discourse are valued.

Faculty research interests are loosely organized into three overarching areas: culture, place, and environment. We have a strong tradition of a focus on and expertise in qualitative methodologies. As such, our qualitative students have a rich and supportive network of mentors. Quantitative students can find their niche here as well. Because we have fewer quantitative students, faculty with expertise in quantitative methods carefully mentor students with such skills.

The Department of Sociology maintains close ties with several other departments across campus, especially Black Studies, Peace Studies, and Women’s and Gender Studies. Graduate students benefit from interdisciplinary teaching and research opportunities and can select from several graduate minors if they are inclined.


Director of Graduate Studies

Joan Hermsen


Graduate Inquiries


Nikola Velickovic