What is Sociology?

Sociologists are curious about how individuals’ biographies or personal troubles are connected to and shaped by history and public issues. Sociologists systematically investigate the causes of social problems, how people make meaning culturally, and the impact of social structures on our lives. Sociological knowledge helps businesses, policy makers, and the public navigate the complex social and cultural structures that shape everyday life.

What can a sociology major do?

Sociologists study the big questions and problems of the 21st century not simply to understand them, but to help create a more just society through the production of evidence-based knowledge. Sociology majors gain key skills including critical thinking, global/intercultural fluency, teamwork, and oral and written communication. Sociology majors also build cultural literacy that helps them understand current events and their own place in history. Our majors are employed in a wide variety of careers ranging from public service to criminal justice, from human resources to education, to marketing. Many of our majors go on to graduate or professional school in law, social work, public administration, and other fields. Recent graduates are working as educators, attorneys, legislative analysts, and social workers.

Want to be a sociology major?

If you are applying to Mizzou for the first time, you can declare a Sociology major when you apply as a freshman or as a transfer student. You can get more information about applying from the MU Admissions website.

Current Mizzou students who are interested in declaring Sociology as a major can either schedule an appointment with one of our academic advisors by searching for “Communication, Sociology, and Theatre Advising” on MU Connect or by emailing the Director of Undergraduate Education, Dr. Rebecca Scott at scottrr@missouri.edu