Affiliated Faculty

Tenured and tenure-track faculty in other departments on campus may be nominated by the Chair or Director of Graduate Studies for appointment as affiliated faculty in the department of sociology. Faculty affiliate nominees must write a letter indicating how their interests and qualifications fit into our graduate program and the department’s research focus. A vote of 2/3 of the tenured sociology faculty in favor is required to grant affiliate status. Affiliated faculty interested in serving on doctoral advisory committees in the department of sociology must be nominated for graduate faculty status (for members) or doctoral faculty status (for advisors or co-advisors), must receive 2/3 vote in favor of the nomination by tenured faculty in the department of sociology, and must be approved for graduate or doctoral status in the department of sociology by the Graduate School.

Associate Professor, WGST
325 Strickland
Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Provost for Graduate Studies Professor, Higher Education
210 Jesse Hall Columbia, MO 65211
Associate Professor Rural Sociology
200B Gentry Hall
Associate Professor
Professor & Department Chair Geography
227 Stewart Hall
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Ruth L. Hulston Professor of Law
Professor Emerita of Women's & Gender Studies
Associate Professor Geography
206 Stewart Hall
Associate Professor Education Learning, Teaching & Curriculum
Assistant Professor Rural Sociology Coordinator Graduate Certificate in Society and Sustainability
228 Gentry Hall
Professor, Associate Dean of the MU Graduate School
210 Jesse Hall