Mizzou Sociology Statement

The murders of Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and George Floyd along with countless other murders have once again made evident the long history of violence against Black people in our nation. Mizzou’s Sociology Department stands in solidarity with those who are protesting these murders and fighting for justice. We join our voices with theirs in clearly saying Black Lives Matter. We extend our sympathy and condolences to those mourning loved ones at this time, as both police violence and COVID-19 disproportionately affect Black and Indigenous communities.

   Understanding and transforming social inequalities is the heart of our mission in sociology, and is a significant reason most of us have become sociologists. However, sociology has long been a white-dominated discipline, and our department is part of a predominantly white institution. Our department members are taking steps to increase the inclusivity of our department and to renew our commitment to anti-racism work. We renew our commitment to teaching about structural and institutional racism and other forms of structural violence in our courses. As individuals we are pursuing professional development opportunities to continue to learn how to combat racism in its many forms. We are continuing to educate ourselves about anti-racism and to provide support to local, regional, and national organizations working to end racism and police brutality. For example, our students in the Sociology Graduate Student Group (SGSG) are raising funds for Action STL, Reclaim the Block, and BLACKout Collective. We will never stop working to build an inclusive and welcoming community of scholars that moves toward creating a more just and equal society.

Sociology Department Statement