Native lands

New Sociology Course

SOCIOL 3720: Settler Colonialism and Native American/Indigenous Communities

T/TH from 2:00pm - 3:15pm 

Course Description: 

Increasingly, terms such as “colonization” and “settler colonialism” have been appearing in media and mainstream platforms, often alongside concepts of equity and systemic oppression. To provide students with a productive space to think and learn about these terms, this course offers myriad entry points to “unsettle” (in generative ways!) and deepen understandings of contemporary Native American/Indigenous communities and the relationships between these communities, settler colonialism in U.S. society, and students’ own lives and career interests.   

This course will highlight Native American Nations/Indigenous Peoples while focusing on contemporary examples of settler colonialism as it converges with law, food systems, education, race/identity, media, land, gender/sexuality, environment, and health/medicine. This course offers multidisciplinary perspectives and provides a foundation for students interested in Native American and Indigenous Studies, as well as students interested more broadly in learning about how social systems—settler colonialism, in this case—impact society across an array of diverse lives, career fields, and areas of interest.