Professor and Chair
312B Middlebush

PhD 1999, Rutgers University

Areas of Study

Culture and Cognition, Sociology of Identity, Sociological Theory, Sexualities

Research and Teaching

Wayne Brekhus primarily teaches large introduction to sociology courses. His research interests include conceptually analyzing how socio-culturally influenced cognitive processes and practices of attention and inattention, meaning-making, and identity construction shape perceptions of social reality and contribute to social difference and social inequalities.  


Awards and Honors

Sapienza Universita di Roma, Visiting Professor-Research, March 2019

Jake O. and Irma B. Mathes Chair in Sociology, Fall 2017

Writing Intensive Teaching Excellence Award, University of Missouri, 2015.

Outstanding Advising Award-Faculty Academic Advising Certificate of Merit (national award given by the National Academic Advising Association) 2010.

Outstanding Advisor, (statewide award awarded to one advisor in Missouri by the Missouri Academic Advising Association) 2009.

Excellence in Advising Award, University of Missouri 2009.

William T. Kemper Fellowship for Teaching Excellence, University of Missouri, 2008.

Excellence in Education Award, University of Missouri, 2005.

Purple Chalk Teaching Award, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Missouri, 2002.

Select Publications


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