Chris Conner

Chris Conner
Visiting Assistant Professor
337 Middlebush Hall
(573) 882-0654

Ph.D., Sociology, 2015, University of Nevada, Las Vegas 
M.A., Sociology, 2010, Indiana University, Indianapolis 
B.A., Sociology, 2007, Indiana University, Indianapolis

Research and Teaching: 

My research interests include deviance & criminology, subcultures, urban/rural sociology, LGBT+ studies, and sociological theory. The unifying theme across these areas is how groups maintain solidarity amidst larger historical forces seeking to co-opt them, and how they fight against the anomic conditions that sudden changes can bring. I explore this intersection within the LGBT+ social movement and for participants in the Electronic Dance Music subculture.  While I am in the beginnings of my intellectual career, I have never felt as supported like I have at Mizzou. I am certain that being here will help shape me into a refined, recognized, and well known scholar within the discipline of sociology.  On a more personal note, my interactions with some of the students, faculty, and staff represent the best of the Midwest.

My career has allowed me to teach a wide variety of courses. Some of my favorites include: criminology, deviance, subcultures, urban sociology, inequalities, the digital self and society, senior seminar, directed readings (LGBT+ studies, symbolic interactionism, and critical theory), and introduction to sociology.  


Academic Appointments

2019 – 2020 University of Missouri, Visiting Assistant Professor
2019 – 2020 Centers for Disease Control, Post-Doctoral Service Fellow
2018-  2019  Knox College, Visiting Assistant Professor
2015-  2018  Washburn University, Assistant Professor

Awards and Honors: 


     Knox College CoFER Research Grant $1701
     Paul K Richter and Evalyn Elizabeth Cook Richter Memorial Fund Award $1700
     Midwest Sociological Association Contingent Faculty Award $500


     Washburn University Sweet Summer Sabbatical Grant $12,000,

Select Publications: 

Journal Articles and Monographs

Conner, Christopher T. 2020. Somewhere Beyond the Rainbow: Critical Essays From the Gayborhood And Beyond. Lexington Books. (under contract)
Conner, Christopher T. 2018. “The Gay Gayze.” Sociological Quarterly (  
Conner, Christopher T., Nicholas Baxter, and David R. Dickens. 2018.Forgotten Founders and Other Neglected Social Theorists. Lexington Books. (
Conner, Christopher T. 2020. “A Queer Kind of Stigma” Studies in Symbolic Interaction (under review)

Works in Progress

Conner, Christopher T. “Breakdown: The Erasure of Gay Latino and African American Men in Electronic Dance Music.” (Working paper).
Conner, Christopher T. “Comparisons of Rural and Urban Gay Identity.” (accepted book chapter).


Conner, Christopher T. 2018. “(Gay) Sex, Lies, and Videotape: This Ain't Your Standard Ethnography.” Symbolic Interaction (in production)
Conner, Christopher T. 2018. “The Queer Code of the Street.” Symbolic Interaction  41(3): 431-433. 

Selected Presentations

Conner, Christopher T. 2019. “Ad Astra Per Aspera!” Presented at the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction Annual Meeting. New York, NY.
Conner, Christopher T. 2019. “The Gayborhood: Protest, Resistance, and Culture Industry. Presented at the Midwest Sociological Society Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL.
Conner, Christopher T. 2018. “The Good Gays, The Bad Gays, The Ugly Gays.” Presented at the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interactionism Couch Stone Symposium. Lancaster, United Kingdom.
Conner, Christopher T. 2015. “The Culture Industry Reconsidered, Yet Again!” Presented at the Midwest Sociological Society Annual Meeting. Kansas City, KS.


Current Courses Offered:


Sociology of Sport
Recent Theories in Sociology




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