Jaber F. Gubrium
Professor Emeritus
Research and Teaching

The working premise of my research program is that no system of social rules is robust enough to understand its everyday application.  Areas of study informed by this are aging and the life course, health and illness, human service organizations, constructions of family, institutional selves, and narrative analysis.  Applying a critical constructionism, the goal is to make visible the assemblages of meaning that rationalization erases.  Centered on the comparative ethnography of human service settings, I continue to explore and document novelty and pattern in troubles/problems reflexivity within the framework of what Erving Goffman called the "interaction order" and in tandem with a concertedly local brand of Michel Foucault's concept of "discursive practice." I am also founding and continuing editor of the Journal of Aging Studies.

As for teaching, I offer courses in several substantive areas, including self and society, the sociology of troubles, aging and the life course, illness and caregiving, constructions of family, and institutional identity. I lead methodology seminars on constructionist social inquiry, qualitative methods, interview theory and technique, ethnographic fieldwork, and narrative analysis.

The selected publications listed below are organized by substantive areas of the program.  These have ranged from ethnographic studies of human service settings across the life course, to deconstructions of and research on aging, dementia, caregiving, family as a social form, and institutional identities.  For the convenience of those interested, links are provided to specific items. 

Awards and Honors: 

Honorary Doctorate (honoris causa), Faculty of Social Science, Lund University, Sweden, June 2017

Named a "Top Faculty Achiever," University of Missouri, April, 2017

Leiv Eiriksson Fellowship, Oslo University of Applied Sciences, 2012-13

Distinguished Career Contribution to Gerontology Award, Gerontological Society of America, 2000

Distinguished Scholar Award, Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction, 1999

University of Florida Research Foundation Professorship, 1999-2001

Distinguished Scholar Award, American Sociological Association, Section on Aging, 1996

Fulbright Fellowship, Tampere University, Finland, 1996

Alfreda Kartha Distinguished Lectureship, University of Toronto, Queen's University, and University of Ottawa, Canada 1996

Samuel Weiner Distinguished Scholar, University of Manitoba, Canada, 1995

Richard Kalish Innovative Publication Award, Gerontological Society of America, awarded for the monograph Speaking of Life: Horizons of Meaning for Nursing Home Residents (Aldine de Gruyter), 1994  

Named a "Top 100 Researcher of the University," University of Florida, 1991

Distinguished Mentorship Award, Gerontological Society of America, 1991

Fellow, Gerontological Society of America, 1978

Select Publications

Recent Publication

Analyzing Novelty and Pattern in Institutional Life Narratives.” 2017. Chapter 11 in International Handbook of Narrative and Life History, edited by Ivor Goodson et al.  London: Routledge, pp. 156-166

Reimagining the Human Service Relationship. 2016. New York: Columbia University Press

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Human Service Ethnographies

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Living and Dying at Murray Manor. 1975/1995. Charlottesville, VA: University of Virginia Press

Aging and the Life Course

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Constructions of Family and Domestic Life

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Stroke, Dementia (AD), and Caregiving

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Narrative Practice, Interviews, and Ethnography

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